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Month: June 2016

Word power: AA Gill versus “Brexit”

We all know what “getting our country back” means. It’s snorting a line of the most pernicious and debilitating Little English drug, nostalgia. The warm, crumbly, honey-coloured, collective “yesterday” with its fond belief that everything was better back then, that Britain (England, really) is a worse place now than it was at some foggy point in the past where we achieved peak Blighty.

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Could “Bleak City” – Australia’s drizzle capital – really have a desert garden?

Not yet on many visitors’ “radar” is Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens’ very different but equally rewarding “other half”, 45 kilometres southeast of the CBD.

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Wine review (and temperature tip): Alkoomi 2007 Wandoo Semillon

An under-appreciated fact: many of Australia’s most cellar-worthy wines are whites.  Even the happy few who are not blind to the astonishingly-affordable delights offered by our aged Rieslings and Semillons are all too often blind to prime sources in regions other than, respectively, Clare and the Hunter Valley.

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