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contact, submitting items for review

If you wish to submit music or wine for review, please email me:

and I will supply the relevant address.

Please first do read the ‘about’ page and have a look at this blog’s content.

This is definitely not a “you bribe me to say nice things” kind of blog; it is independent, very eclectic, but highly selective.

Pelican Yoga is devoted only to things that reward close attention.

Music-wise, I prefer to audition and review actual, physical discs, properly documented.

I am happy to have a “sniff” of someone’s music, online.

You give me the relevant URLs and I’ll then be in a position to know whether I do or do not wish to receive a disc.

Please do NOT email me soundfiles.

I crave good, contextual information.

I am utterly immune to hype.

Thanks and cheers,