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Weird, wonderful: early Spring in southwest WA

Perth’s King’s Park – a short walk or free bus trip from the CBD – is bigger than New York’s Central Park.

It is also vastly richer in local flora.

Nearer to the Indian Ocean and just 8 kilometres from Perth’s GPO, the even bigger Bold Park has more than 300 local plant species…and (alas!) more than 200 introduced ones.

All photos taken today, Monday September 4, 2017 in Bold Park. Your further zooming/enlarging may prove rewarding.

A previous post will tell you more about Western Australia’s floral emblem, pictured above.

Another has more info on Bold Park, and on banksias.

This one is simply the fruit of today’s walk in Bold Park.

Many of southwestern Australia’s flowering plants do not greatly resemble plants found anywhere else.

Not a few are amazing, at first glance, but they are often even more so if you take a much closer look, and/or look at them from above or below or behind…


Kangaroo Paw, Sept 4, 2017, Bold Park. Zoom/enlarge to see the ants at work…and the plant’s extraordinary texture.


As with Rodin’s sculptures, so with kangaroo paws – the “back view” is often as rewarding as the “front view”. Photo copyright Doug Spencer.


Closer view. All photos copyright Doug Spencer.


Zamia cones (Macrozamia, actually) in early Spring. Photo copyright Doug Spencer.


Presumably, this Zamia (Macrozamia) is under attack…thus its “amber”. Photos copyright Doug Spencer.


Meanwhile, elsewhere on the very same individual (from a species with leaves that are generally very straight) a strange unfurling is in progress.


Bull banksia, Sept 4, 2017. Photos copyright Doug Spencer.


Same spike, detail. A single spike has hundreds of flowers. All photos copyright Doug Spencer.


Firewood banksia spike, with young “fruit”/seed pods. Photos copyright Doug Spencer.


Same spike, closer view. Photo copyright Doug Spencer.


Bold Park has uncommonly good signage. Photo copyright Doug Spencer.


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