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Revelatory covers (2nd in series): Prince, Polished

The king of Prince covers – on disc, at least – was recorded in February 2007 by a Polish instrumental trio.

You are unlikely to hear a more beautiful interpretation of Diamonds and Pearls.

Pianist Marcin Wasilewski, double-bassist Slawomir Kurkiewicz and drummer Michal Miskiewicz comprise one of the world’s finer improvising trios.

If only they were Americans, they would enjoy a higher profile outside Europe and Japan! (as would their compatriot, mentor and former employer Tomasz Stanko – to these ears, the greatest living jazz trumpeter-bandleader)

The trio’s singularly lovely Prince-cover is on their 2008 ECM album January.

It is the second, shorter of the sound files here

(the longer, first file is a quite different, “live” version – good performance, crapuloso sound quality)


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