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Word power: Devon Sproule’s “The Faulty Body”

Ravishing cinnamon skin all aglow.

You’d never know it’s a faulty body

It’s hot and bossy.

On it goes, though it knows the bow’s drawn.

Devon Sproule, Fairbridge 2016. copyright Doug Spencer
Devon Sproule, Fairbridge 2016. copyright Doug Spencer


Devon Sproule is touring Australia as I type; April 23 through 29 she has various dates in NSW, Qld & Melbourne, as detailed here.

She began her 2nd visit to Australia – her first to WA – at the Fairbridge Festival, where I took the photo above, on Sunday.

As writer and performer, Devon is her unique self – not a wannabe-Joni, nor a “sounds like…”

Each of her songs is not too much like any of her others.

The Faulty Body is particularly remarkable Рa tribute to a dear, deceased friend, but more than that.

Playful, yet serious, it is poignant, yet celebratory – a wise song of mortality, courage, friendship and acceptance/self-acceptance.

The full lyric is worth reading, but is much better heard, especially as beautifully sung and arranged on Devon’s 2011 album¬†I Love You, Go Easy.



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  1. john obrien john obrien

    grrrr! the video is not available.

    • Yes it is! At least it is definitely working on my Ipad and Windows machines,… although this “video” is just a static image with album audio. There are not-so-well-recorded, “live” version videos of the song, but the album version is just so ingeniously arranged…

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