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Yogic Pelicans infiltrate Australia’s largest naval base


….and a cold-hearted hypocrite gets his come-uppance.  With poetic justice, this master of cover-up goes “viral”,  thanks to his attempt to censor. (and – as just updated, at bottom of post – he’s since had a second, more substantive come-uppance)

Pelicans first…

As civilian members of the general public, this afternoon, my beloved and I could not cross the causeway to HMAS Stirling and Garden Island.

Pelicans come and go as they please.

Pictured are two of seven who were pleased to fly over to the nearby Rockingham (mainland) shore, where a fisherman was gutting and cleaning his catch.

Less than an hour from Perth’s CBD, HMAS Stirling is the Royal Australian Navy’s largest base.

The RAN is responsible for all of Garden Island.

They look after it well.

Two thirds of the island is in a quasi-natural state; that portion is accessible to the public, provided they arrive by private boat, and depart before nightfall.

Reputedly, it is in very much better condition than the nearby, “iconic” Rottnest Island.

Not owning a boat, we are among the majority of Perth’s population who have been to “Rotto”, but are still yet to set foot on Garden Island.

Pelicans often make me smile.

Until today, the “Honorable” Peter Dutton MP had never made me smile.

“Honorable” is a tag to which Australian Members of Parliament are entitled.

Many Australians share my view that few of our elected representatives more ill-deserve the tag than Peter Dutton, particularly in his capacity as Minister for Immigration and Border Protection.

Readers in other lands may be lucky enough never to have heard of him.

If you are so lucky, please see this earlier post, and read the article which sparked it; having done so, you’ll likely understand my vehemence.

His appalling policies and practices, misrepresentations and cover-ups continue, but it was at least some small consolation today to see that Peter Dutton has gone “viral”, internationally, hilariously.

Rarely is “worldwide ridicule in cyberspace” so richly deserved; click here! …and do read all of it…it becomes progressively more delicious.

The day after this post was published a Federal Court Justice ruled that immigration Minister Peter Dutton should not be allowed to deny having “a duty of care to the refugee”.

If you do not already know about this story click here, and then follow the links to related stories about Dutton’s conduct and comments.

Appalled as many Australians are by Peter Dutton, we can at least be glad that our legal system is not utterly neutered; “honourable” does not describe our Immigration Minister,  but “justice” is apropos to Justice Mordecai Bromberg.

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