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Word power: a sharp sighted look at driverless vehicles

Q: What do “autonomous” cars, sex and the Internet have in common?

A: Along with many other things, they are too often either reviled or revered, hailed as “good” or decried as “bad”.

As with many things – natural/eternal or invented/manufactured – humans can deploy them for good or ill – wittingly or otherwise.

Oh that – metaphorically speaking – our species was rather more clear-sighted!

(North America’s great horned owl has uncommonly large, powerfully acute  eyes. I took the photo on Grouse Mountain, Vancouver)

The Conversation recently published a perceptive article which warned:

The talk is of the benefits of new shared transport economies, but these new technologies will shape our built environment in ways that are not yet fully understood. There’s every chance that, if mismanaged, driverless technologies will entrench the ills of car dependency.

Read the full article.

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