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Word power: AA Gill versus “Brexit”

We all know what “getting our country back” means. It’s snorting a line of the most pernicious and debilitating Little English drug, nostalgia. The warm, crumbly, honey-coloured, collective “yesterday” with its fond belief that everything was better back then, that Britain (England, really) is a worse place now than it was at some foggy point in the past where we achieved peak Blighty.

Who would have imagined that a restaurant critic would write perhaps the most eloquent of all the countless opinion pieces on “Brexit”?

A few more lines:

It makes not a jot of difference to you or me if the Supreme Court is a bunch of strangely out-of-touch old gits in wigs in Westminster or a load of strangely out-of-touch old gits without wigs in Luxembourg. What matters is that we have as many judges as possible on the side of personal freedom.

AA Gill’s missile was launched before the vote.

The Sunday Times published it on June 12.

Before you click here to read the full text, I suggest you see and hear the “I want my country back” outburst which sparked Gill’s polemic.





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