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Unfurling imminent…

Happy New Year from Pelican Yoga. Read on and you’ll reap a Fiddlehead Fern musical reward…

I photographed the Fiddlehead in Alaska’s Glacier Bay in June 2015.

Meanwhile here in Perth, Western Australia, as 2016 becomes 2017 a whole lot of courting, breeding and child-raising is going on at Lake Monger, just minutes away from the CBD.

Crested grebes, Lake Monger, December 30, 2016. All photos copyright Doug Spencer

A future post will feature more (hopefully, better) photos of our “local” crested grebes.

Fiddlhead Fern is also a wonderful song, written by Cahalen Morrison

It is superbly performed by himself and Eli West.


The original is on I’ll Swing My Hammer With Both My Hands – one of the finest “acoustic Americana” albums, ever.


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