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This independent, non-sponsored blog will never be “monetized” (with the potential, partial exception of its photographic content), nor in any way commercially driven/compromised,

For many years its well-traveled author devised, produced and presented award-winning music programs. The final one’s final edition, along with some listeners’ expressions of appreciation and outrage, can be seen – but no longer heard – here

The blog will mostly be devoted to real musics, plural – not to mere “hit-seeking missiles”.

It will also feature my photos, mostly of wild, natural places…and their flora and fauna. Zooming in on/enlarging the image will oft prove rewarding.

I will also celebrate those whose written words – be they fact or fiction, prose, poetry, or song lyrics – are much more eloquent than my own.

Some lovely wines will be reviewed.

Whatever the post’s subject, my intent is to alert you to good things which reward close attention but which otherwise may have escaped your attention.

Their goodness has nothing to do with hype, fashion or marketability.

A little more detail

Music reviews

Most posts address two albums. Each is the fruit of considered opinion – the music has been listened to closely, repeatedly.

I have listened widely for nearly half a century. Time has not diminished my love of music, but it has sharpened my “bull filter” and honed my appreciation of what is truly extraordinary and what is not.

Reviews will only address exceptionally fine albums/works/artists. If you’re looking for “witty” demolitions of drivel – or for credulous praise of same – this ain’t the place!

A single post will often look at two items worth discovering – one newish and one oldish.


Photographs/the natural world

Many posts will celebrate the natural world and feature my photographs.

I am lucky to live in southwest Western Australia. Antarctica aside, I have visited all continents.

Flora-wise, my home city is likely  the world’s most diverse metropolis…and the ‘wilderness’ regions of Australia are singular and astonishing. So, of course, are many non-Australian places.

Over time you will meet the world’s rarest bear (in Canada), see an utterly exquisite fiord (in New Zealand…not Milford Sound) and visit the tropics’ greatest coastal wilderness.  That wilderness is in Western Australia, as are not a few of the world’s most bizarre and beautiful plants.

Please do not steal photos.

Contact me ( if you wish to use an image. If your purpose is truly non-commercial I will almost certainly give you permission, subject to you crediting the source, clearly.

If your purpose is any way commercial, please seek permission and negotiate with me. Generally, I do have a higher res version than this blog’s version of the image.



As with music reviews, here you will find only exceptionally fine wines, most especially ones not widely hyped/advertised.

Wine-wise  – unlike music-wise – my ‘bias’ will incline to Australia, especially Western Australia, and most especially to places other than Margaret River.

Margaret River does indeed produce some superb wines, but so do other WA regions.

As with their natural attractions, these other regions’ wines are strangely “off the radar”, thanks to mainstream media’s “Margaret River monomania”.

I will favour wines that offer excellent value…and they will not all be West Australian.


Word power

Pelican Yoga will also celebrate the succinct eloquence of writers much more gifted than this one.

Each such post will feature brief quotations

Their authors will not necessarily be big “names” – writers of poetry and song, through prose fiction, non-fictional prose and opinion.