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Month: January 2018

Akan’s green spheres: meet the marimo

Some local tourist promoters and “official” signage falsely claim that marimo live nowhere else.

However, eastern Hokkaido’s Lake Akan is the best place to see them.

Akan has by far the largest known examples of this rare and astonishing algal form…and the lake and its surrounds are beautiful in their own right.


Revelatory covers (9th in series): Andy, Mike & Roger tackle George

and Ira.

George Gershwin wrote this song’s music, his brother Ira the words, for a 1932 opera. A flop on debut, it is now a landmark.  Its most tender number – Summertime – is probably the best-loved 20th century song. Its sardonic song is less popular; I have heard only several hundred covers of It Ain’t Necessarily So! 

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