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Month: May 2016

Alaska (1): just behind Juneau – an amazing, short walk

Start in Juneau’s tourist-kitsch-horror-show waterfront. Ascend 1,800 feet/550 metres in 5 minutes, via Mt Roberts Tramway. Admire the view down into the fiord – and above it, as pictured above. Relatively speaking, you ain’t seen nothing, yet!  Yes, you really should walk up to the top of the ridge behind you…

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Yogic Pelicans infiltrate Australia’s largest naval base


….and a cold-hearted hypocrite gets his come-uppance.  With poetic justice, this master of cover-up goes “viral”,  thanks to his attempt to censor. (and – as just updated, at bottom of post – he’s since had a second, more substantive come-uppance)

Pelicans first…

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