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Look out of the hotel room (in Sounkyo, Hokkaido)

…and if it is Room 1316 at the Yumoto Ginsen-kaku, you just might see a view like this one.

I took the photo circa 5 p.m on May 28, as sunlight and cloud danced through Sounkyo Gorge.

The mountains above it are also very beautiful…of which more later this year.

Today included mountain vistas, a walk through snow, a glorious pair of waterfalls, some exquisite forest, and a memorably close encounter with a Hokkaido Red Fox.

At lunchtime, back down in Sounkyo, we saw a sign which was attempting to draw people into a Bar & Grill, whilst reminding them of nearby natural features.


Bar & Grill sign in Sounkyo. All photos copyright Doug Spencer.

“Canyon” is probably Sounkyo Gorge. “Kurodake” is Mount Kuro – on whose snowy flanks we met the fox.

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