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Invader kills millions of Australians, weekly

According to the first such detailed study/guesstimate,  a relative newcomer to our ancient land kills more than one million Australian birds, each day.


The “average” Australian feral cat eats two birds every five days.

In “natural” parts of Australia feral cats take more than 270 million birds each year; the kill rate is highest in the arid zone.

In Australia’s obviously man-modified places, the feral cats’ annual toll is estimated at a further 44 million.

Pet cats account for more than 60 million.

Click here to read a fuller account, published by The Conversation this week; not merely a tale of woe, it offers some courses of remedial action.

I took the photo atop this post at Lake Monger; this large inner urban wetland is readily accessible to millions of Perth’s residents – human, avian, feline.


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