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Modest, beautiful, mossy (in Kyoto)

The caption summarises Gio-ji temple, as I and my beloved enjoyed it,  uncrowded, two days ago.

Someone else, on Trip Advisor, headlined his post, Disappointing, many better temples in Kyoto.


If grandeur, immaculate maintenance/restoration, pomp, shopping opportunities and Trip Advisor rankings are what you seek,  Gio-ji  is not the Kyoto temple for you.

It ought not be any visitor’s only Kyoto temple, but if you appreciate  quiet, unassuming, intimate temples and temple gardens, I suggest you visit this lovely little moss temple.

In Autumn it would be much more colourful, but it is very lovely in Spring, being green.

Gio-ji moss temple, springtime 2017 Both photos copyright Doug Spencer.


Pelican Yoga will devote much more space to Japan later, after we return from our travels here.

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  1. Inkku Inkku

    So beautiful.

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