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Winter flowers, Shenton Park Bushland

All photos taken today, June 26. The location is in inner suburbia – just 20 minutes (10 on a train, plus an easy 10 on foot) from Perth’s CBD.

Just a few days after the winter solstice, today’s sun dominated the sky.

Southwestern Australia’s Springtime floral explosion is one of the world’s natural wonders.

That said, anyone who walks into the bush – even within Perth – can see strange and beautiful wildflowers at any time of year.

Spring’s spider orchids are, of course, nowhere, yet.

Now, however, is the right time to see Greenhood orchids.


Banded Greenhood. All photos copyright Doug Spencer.


Banded Greenhood orchid. All photos copyright Doug Spencer.


Shenton Park Bushland, aka “Shenton Bushland”, is also currently rich in splendidly-blooming Firewood banksias. (Banksia menziesii)


Firewood banksia. All photos copyright Doug Spencer.


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