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Skippy biffo: boxing in southwesternmost Australia.

More posts coming soon. (just back from a mostly offline fortnight and place)

Meanwhile, this is one of two simultaneous “showdowns at sunset”, witnessed on a short walk from our favourite place to stay in the Augusta-Margaret River area.

I particularly like the way the females show no apparent interest in the males’ bouts.

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Music review: Chris Abrahams, Lloyd Swanton

For nearly three decades Chris Abrahams and Lloyd Swanton have been two thirds of The Necks.

That singular Australian trio is renowned worldwide, but its members do many other good, highly diverse musical things.

Chris Abrahams’ Climb and Lloyd Swanton’s Ambon are wonderful, in very different ways.  Climb is all piano, solo. Ambon involves a shifting cast of thirteen…and a true story both dreadful and inspirational.


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An orgy of orchids

This single clump had eleven stalks and eighteen spider orchids.

Spring in Western Australia’s southwest is the greatest wildflower show on earth.

All photos in this post were taken on September 16, 2016, within a few metres of one road, a little off the Stirling Range’s eastern end.

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