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Pretty in pink…and black and white

This stilt (a banded stilt, I think)  is one of many now active at Lake Claremont.

Many of Perth’s “natural” places are in a sad state, degrading.

Lake Claremont is a happy exception.


same stilt, upstanding.

This once very-degraded wetland’s current story is one of ongoing rehabilitation and recovery – thanks in no small measure to community-minded volunteers …and to a golf course being sacrificed in favour of wetland/bush/parkland, rather than the usual “vice-versa”.

From Perth or Fremantle it is less than half an hour away – via train plus a short, easy walk.

To discover more, click here

If you live in or near Perth, next Tuesday – July 25, 6pm, at the Claremont Aquatic Centre – you could attend a talk about the lake’s much-contested politics/history. (Details at bottom of this PDF)

Meanwhile, further inland on the Swan Coastal Plain, and also easily accessible by frequent trains (plus  a short walk  from Woodbridge Railway Station, last-but-one on the Midland line) the many sunny winter days offer easy, delightful walking beside the Swan River.

All photos copyright Doug Spencer; those above taken today at Lake Claremont, those below taken yesterday at Woodbridge.

One tip: the riverside walk at Woodbridge is almost directly below Perth Airport’s flight path.  Your serenity will be less-frequently shattered if you avoid Sunday afternoons.


Swan River at Woodbridge, Midwinter, circa 4pm. All photos copyright Doug Spencer.


Ducks, eroded bank, dead tree, winter light. Copyright Doug Spencer


Swan River at Woodbridge, July 17, 2017. All photos copyright Doug Spencer.


Darter, drying, bank of the Swan River, Woodbridge, July 17 2017

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