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Welcome to Pelican Yoga

Sometimes pelicans.. but in all likelihood never human yoga/yogi!

That said, there is a real reason for the be explained and illustrated, when this blog is “fully here”, early April 2016.

This post is  just a wee tester for an independent, non-sponsored blog that will never be “monetized”, nor in any way commercially driven/compromised. For many years its well-traveled author devised, produced and presented award-winning music programs. The final one’s final edition, along with some listeners’ expressions of appreciation and outrage, can be seen – but no longer heard – here

The blog will mostly be devoted to real musics, plural – not to mere “hit-seeking missiles”.

It will also feature my own photos, mostly of wild, natural places…and their flora and fauna.

I will also celebrate those whose written words – be they fact or fiction, prose, poetry, or song lyrics – are much more eloquent than my own.

Some lovely wines will be reviewed.

Whatever the post’s subject, my intent is to alert you to good things which reward close attention but which otherwise may have escaped your attention.

Their goodness has nothing to do with hype, fashion or marketability.

Should you stumble on this and wish to subscribe, please email me  and I’ll alert you when the blog-proper launches.


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  1. Cloud Cloud

    Test 2

  2. Graeme Regan Graeme Regan

    I like the feel of it, what you say you’ll write about.

    So write lots and will look forward to reading about it and spreading the word.

  3. nice pic of the pelican yes i understand why it is pelican-yoga
    looking forward to seeing more pics

  4. amaris delon amaris delon

    Looking forward to enjoying a whole lot of wonder and beauty…and some Pelican yoga. Please add me to.the contact list for updates

  5. Mike Dowling Mike Dowling

    Hi PeliDoug

    Love the look and feel of Pelican Yoga!
    Please add me to the contact list for updates.

    • Thank you Mike. To be informed of each new post, simply tick the prompt that says “notify me of new posts by email”. That prompt is just below the “comments” field. I am still in “trainer wheels” mode; I suspect I can provide a more readily visible “subscribe” prompt…and if that is true, I will provide that, once I know how to do it!

  6. Ingrid Birgden Ingrid Birgden

    Doug I’m not sure if I’ve subscribed yet – but am definitely not getting email alerts and so here goes…

  7. Chris Bateman Chris Bateman


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